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“You have delivered some truly remarkable, fantastic and awesome TV.” Fred Wilkinson, UK.

“Love your videos and can’t stop watching them.” Hans G. Germany.

“An unparalleled source of information and reference. Well done” Piet vd Westhuisen. South Africa.

“Spectacular and beautiful, and well presented – Loved it!” Simon Holt

Welcome to 4xOverland. The home of overland expedition entertainment and advice. We explore the world's most beautiful and remote places, and we make TV shows. Come and join our world!

My name is Andrew St.Pierre White. For 40 years now, a 4×4 adventure traveller, story teller, director and presenter.

After the 15 4×4 books I’ve written and 30+ years as a broadcast professional, I now make 4×4 overland expedition videos. Every year, on average, I make a new TV series (10-13 shows).

These are some of the world’s favourite overland videos! They can be downloaded here, or viewed on our private Vimeo channel.

Come and share the wonders of our overland expedition entertainment portal.

overland expedition portal




Our focus is not extreme off-road or competitive 4×4 events, but more what regular motorists can do with an unmodified, or partly modified 4×4. Yes, we do take them to extremes, far beyond what most owners would dream about, but what we do can be done by ordinary people, and we invite all to follow in our footsteps. Come and join our world!

4xOverland Gold Subscribers, videos are delivered at full 1080p. Patreon Subscribers get them at 720p.

The are currently over 140 videos ready for download, with 10 new episodes now in production for release before end 2015. We are broadcast professionals, and have made TV documentaries for big networks. View the video library

THIS MONTH’S FEATURED EPISODE: 4WD-Take A Deep Breath. Season-2. Episode-1.