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“Following your series with the same interest I have for Game of Thrones.” Andres Gutierrez.

“You’re content is right up there with Jay leno, Xcar, Chris Harris and Evo … Phenomenal viewing indeed” colintraveller YouTube.

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“Overland version of Top Gear ” Stephen Lalor

Welcome to the home of overland expedition inspiration and information. We explore the world's most beautiful and remote places, and we make videos. Come and join our world!


My name is Andrew St.Pierre White. I am the man with the perfect job!

With 16, 4×4 books and 30+ years as a TV broadcast pro, I now travel all over the world to help 4×4 enthusiasts like me, do the same.

These are some of the world’s favourite overland expedition 4×4 vehicles, gear and off-road videos!

Come and enjoy The Best 4×4 Overland Information and Entertainment on the Web

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Home of The Best 4x4 Overland Information and Entertainment on the Web. We are truly global.

Our focus is not extreme off-road or competitive 4×4 events, but what regular motorists can do with unmodified, or partly modified 4×4s.
Yes, we do take them to extremes, far beyond what most owners would dream about, but what we do can be done by ordinary people, in ordinary 4x4s. Let us help you do the same.

There are currently over 150 videos ready for download. Come and join our world!

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