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Andrew St Pierre White Australia

“That 23 minutes went past like 2 and a half minutes. Could watch this for hours.”
stevie65able. YouTube.

“I’m following your series with the same interest I have for Game of Thrones.” Andres Gutierrez.

“Your content is right up there with Jay leno, Xcar, Chris Harris and Evo … Phenomenal viewing indeed” colintraveller YouTube.

“Binge-watch worthy stuff.” Matt Albritton. FaceBook.

Hosted by 4WD writer, explorer and TV presenter Andrew St Pierre White, 4xOverland is a global gathering of inspired men, women and families who love the thrill of overland adventure travel. Come and join our world!


4xOVERLAND is a Global Adventure Expedition Channel. It’s the home of 4WD, off-road, overland, adventure travel photography, trucks, exploration, expedition and outback road trips around the world.
Here are some of the world’s favourite overland expedition 4WD vehicles, trucks, gear and expeditions.

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4XOVERLAND is the World's Global Adventure Motoring Channel. It is the home of overland inspiration and entertainment.

Our focus is not extreme travel or competitive 4×4 events, but what regular motorists can do with unmodified, or partly modified cars and light trucks.
Yes, we do take ours to extremes, far beyond what most owners would dream about, but what we do can be done by ordinary people, in ordinary vehicles. Let us help you do the same.

There are currently over 200 videos ready for download. Come and join our world!

We make about 100 videos a year. Here is a small sample of what we do.

Our latest series Trailer:

2018 Crossing Australia

A 2017 4×4 expedition in the USA

A Classic 4×4 VIDEO


My History with BFGoodrich Tires

Every year we produce a series called ‘storyTIME’.
Full Playlist:

Every year we produce a series called ‘OVERLAND WORKSHOP’.
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