We go all over the world, driving 4x4s, exploring the most beautiful and remote places on the globe, and we make TV shows about them.

Our focus is not extreme off-road or competitive 4×4 events, but more what regular motorists can do with an unmodified, or partly modified 4×4. Yes, we do take them to extremes, far beyond what most owners would dream about, but what we do can be done by ordinary people, and we invite all to follow in our footsteps. Come and join our world!

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Typical of our TV series are:

  •  Expeditions to remote and beautiful locations.
  •  Vehicle reviews. We pride ourselves on our objectivity and lack of brand bias.
  •  Gear reviews. We look for practical gear to review, that is of use to 4×4 enthusiasts and overland explorers.
  •  We try and test all our gear on actual expeditions. It’s where we feel we can get the best practical use out of it, and to test it properly.
  •  4xOverland subscribers need no Internet connection once the videos have been downloaded. They get to ‘keep’ the videos. They are not streamed.

There are currently over 155 videos ready for download, with 10 new episodes now in production for release before end 2016. We are broadcast professionals, and have made TV documentaries for big networks.

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