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My name is Andrew St Pierre White

Andrew St Pierre White is one of the world’s best known 4×4 writers, commentators and adventure-travel film makers. He first made his mark in the 4×4 overland community in 1993 as the author of The Complete Guide to Four-Wheel Drive in Southern Africa. The first edition, together with his website, 4xForum (now 4xoverland), launched the 4×4 information industry in that country. Since then, he has written another 14, 4×4 Overland books, and one memoir—currently the Nr-1 bestseller in the travel section on Amazon. His reach is now worldwide via this website, Visitors can download all his TV shows, training and amazing adventures in HD.

In a 37-year career as a broadcast professional, Andrew spent the early years editing hundreds of TV commercials, and winning prestigious international awards. He is now a highly-acclaimed adventure-travel filmmaker and has produced and presented some of the world’s best loved overland travel films. They are especially sought after by 4×4 and motorcycle enthusiasts, as his programs mix the wonders of overland exploration with the grit of men, women and machines. His works includes eight, 13-part series for TV, a host of 4×4 training programs and a batch of aviation documentaries broadcast by major networks. His YouTube channel currently has over 100 000 subscribers and 6+million views per year.

As far as we know, 4xOverland is the world’s only channel that regularly travels to the various parts of the world to shoot its adventure travel videos and attend the biggest outdoor trade expos.

Andrew St Pierre White lives with his family in Western Australia.


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My passions are aircraft and glider flying, making documentary films, family time and travel, especially into the wilderness in my 4×4, a passion that has been with me since my father took me to the Okavango in 1972. It was here that I sat in my first 4×4: A Series-3 LWB Land Rover. The first 4×4 motion I experienced was the Land Rover being backed hurriedly into a tree. It broke the tail light.  The second ride was in a Series-2, SWB open-top Land Rover at Xaxaba Camp (Later to become a baboon research camp) on Chief’s Island in the Okavango. It was here that I went off-road for the first time: I remember Lloyd Wilmot driving the Rover, chasing hyena across the runway he was building, and the vehicle hitting an anthill, shooting me high into the air. From being seated in the front, I landed inside the spare wheel lying in the back. I was hooked!

My background is TV commercials, having spent 16 years editing them for many blue-chip clients in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Working under several directors and editing many hundreds of commercials I have been awarded several international awards for editing including New York TV and Cannes. My clients included SAB (Lion Lager, Castle Lager, Ohlsonn’s Lager), Nedbank, Toyota, United Bank, General Tyres, Rembrant Group, (Peter Stuyvesant & Paul Revere cigarettes), and many more.

In the 90’s my direction changed and I spent the first year of the decade living in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. It was there that I wrote my first book, on a subject which at the time was no more than a hobby, called ‘The Complete Guide to Four-Wheel Drive’.  With the immediate success of the book (now in its 7th edition), a second followed, leading to the creation of ‘International Motoring Productions’, a publisher of books, DVDs and maps, aimed largely at the 4×4 community. In addition, TV production started with a first series called Four-Wheel Drive.  Following that, two aviation specials were produced, one of which was purchased by Discovery Channel.

I consider myself a specialist in shooting documentary programming in remote locations, often shooting is difficult circumstances and often with no support or back-up. For example, in 2009 I crossed the Kalahari, and in 2010 crossed the Namib desert, both completely alone. I shot two one-hour TV documentaries of my trips, both of which became part of highly popular series, Take A Deep Breath.

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