Are you looking for expedition travel, overland exploration TV series for broadcast? And you want strong storylines and compelling visuals?

All the content on 4xOverland is ours. We create all of it ourselves. We hold all rights to the footage and completed programs. Not all of our shows are on YouTube. Those that are, are exclusive to our own channel.

The following programs are available for TV broadcasting anywhere in the world. All rights thus far sold have been non-exclusive and include (some seasons, not in all countries listed)

  • UK
  • Russia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa, Namibia and Botswana
  • selected countries in Southeast Asia
  • Belgium

Seasons/programs available and year produced:

  • Four Wheel Drive season-1_13x26min (2005) SD
  • Four Wheel Drive season-2_13x26min (2006) SD
  • Take A Deep Breath season-1_13x24min (2009) HDV
  • Take A Deep Breath season-2_13x24min (2010) HD
  • The following programs are repackaged for broadcast, under the title, ‘Road Trip the World’. The web title is ‘Four-Wheel Drive’.

  • Road Trip the World. 2014 season_13x24min (2014) HD
  • Road Trip the World. 2015 season_13x24min (2015) HD
  • Road Trip the World. 2016 season_13x24min (2016) HD
  • Road Trip the World. 2017 season. 13x24min (2017) HD

In Production (2018)

Available now

Please contact the producer, Andrew St Pierre White for broadcast enquiries. Use the contact form on the homepage and we will contact you right away (If we are not somewhere remote shooting, that is)

What our viewers say

Typically we received comments asking why we are not on large International networks every week. One week in April 2016:

“. . . I don’t know how you don’t have your own tv series on the Discovery channel or the BBC your like the overland version of Top gear but better I can’t wait for more to come” stephen lalor YouTube. (April 2016)

You should definately be on international 4×4 series out there !!” David. Facebook (April 2016)

This is like not so racist Top Gear.” Ciam Morano, YouTube. (April 2016)