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These are the most common 4xOverland subscriber questions.




  • What do I get if I subscribe?

You get full access to all our TV shows and videos. Every one we have made, with no restrictions, for a period of one year from the time of purchase. The renewal fee is less than the first subscription fee.

  • What do I get if become a Patreon Subscriber/supporter?

You get access to all the videos on our private Video channel. New videos are released as funding goals are met. It is explained on the Patreon Supporters Page.

  • If I buy a Gold subscription and want to upgrade to a Life Subscription later?

Upgrading from one subscription level to another is possible and does not cost any more than the difference.

  • Can I upgrade from a Patreon Subscription to a Gold or Life Subscription?

Yes. But there is no discount. Normal subscription fees apply.

  • What format are the videos, and on what hardware and software will they play?

Mostly they are MP4 format.
We have had so few problems reported from subscribers concerning this that you are safe in the knowledge that your equipment, as long as it not older than about 10 years, will play the files.

They play on Quicktime and Windows Media Player and many other players, like iTunes, VLC, DivX and more.  They are compatible with all Windows and Apple computers, iPhone and Samsung tablets (and many others) and iPad and iPhone and Blackberry etc, etc, etc.

  • Will I be refunded if I can’t play the videos on my equipment?

Yes – as long as the problem has been brought to our attention within 48 hours of subscribing and we are given a chance to fix the problem. If we can’t, we will refund you. To be truthful, only once has this occurred and the customer was sent a DVD-ROM with all the videos on it. But this is NOT an option we offer. We would rather pass a refund, but this subscriber was very, very keen to watch the programs.

  • Do I stream the videos, or download them for playing later?

Once the videos are downloaded, you own the rights to watch them as many times as you like. You do not need an Internet connection to watch them once downloaded. We respectfully ask that you do not duplicate them or distribute them among your friends. A lot of hard work goes into making them, and those that do the work deserve to be paid for it, don’t you think? Also, if you want more shows, if you give these ones away, where is the money going to come from to make new ones?

  • Are the videos Standard or High Definition?

Both. All videos that were originated (shot) in HD, (since 2005) are available in both HD and SD. If you have a slower internet connection, SD will be for you, but the image quality of SD is still excellent, and perfect for playing on a PC, laptop or tablet.  Programs originally shot on SD include the training videos and Four-Wheel Drive seasons 1 and 2, as well as many of the earlier travel shows. 4WD-Take a Deep Breath seasons 1 and 2, and Four-Wheel Drive seasons 3 onwards, and Overland Workshop-2, are available in HD. HD is mostly Full-HD 1920×1080.

  • Are the videos real TV or home movies?

Almost every show here has been broadcast on national TV networks, some in several countries, including UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Thailand, Russia and a few in the USA. They are most definitely not home movies. The film maker, Andrew St.Pierre White, has been in broadcast television since 1978 and has won international awards for editing.

  • Are the videos surround sound?

No. They are two-channel PCM stereo, 4,1 khz and 4,8 khz.

  • Where is the server from which the videos are downloaded?

In the USA.

  • Can I buy a 4xOverland sticker?

Yes, but only if you are a current, active subscriber.