This is my family. We are all madly creative.

Andrew St Pierre Whites family

My wife Gwynn (next to me) is a New York Times bestselling author of fantasy novels.
Gwynn’s website is HERE
Gwynn’s Instagram is HERE

My eldest daughter Stephanie (with the horse) is an graphic artist with her own range of unique designs, made into hundred of different products.
Stephanie’s website is HERE.
Stephanie’s sales page is HERE.

My middle daughter Erin (far right) is a fantasy author, co-writing with her mother. These titles have reached new York Times bestseller list too!
Erin’s website HERE
Erin’s Instagram is HERE

My youngest daughter Kate Second on the right) is a YouTube like me, and many who watch my videos enjoy here participation in them. She assists us with our social media and is employed by the 4xOverland organisation.

Kate’s Instagram is HERE

In case you didn’t know, my links are here:

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