4WD-3, Episode-7

Land Rover LR4 Discovery-4 ultimate off road test.

Can a luxury 4×4 actually go off-road? Can it really do what the manufacturers claim? I set out to find out how well one could drive off-road and set up what I considered to be a very tough test for any 4×4, let alone a stock, luxury SUV. Land Rover’s LR4 Discovery is not a soft roader, and should not be compared with apparently similar SUVS like Audi Q7 or BMW X5. Because Discovery has real off-road equipment built into it. And those others do not. Firstly, it has good clearance, and not only good, but ample clearance given its adjustable ride height. Secondly, it has low range gearing. Take any one of these away, and gone is most of a vehicle’s ability to drive off road. But the LR4 is also a really comfortable town and country car. It’s spacious, practical and safe. But is it any good off road? I mean really? Advertising sales speak besides. How good is it? This is the ultimate test of the Discovery-4, done over three days, over Southern African’s roughest public road – Baboons Pass, Lesotho.

This is part-2. Length: 24mins.

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