4WD-Take A Deep Breath-1, Episode-6

Atlantic coast to Walvis Bay – part-3.

Episode-6 of 4WD-Take A Deep Breath, season-1.

This is the final part of the expedition to the fabled Richtersveld, the mountain desert region of South Africa. In this episode, Andrew St Pierre White travels with Richtersveld guide, Greg Van der Reis. The story continues, with the group camped in a lonely riverbed, where they meet a local goat herder. As the Toyota Fortuner continues to be challenged, with Greg’s Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series leading the way, they discover mysterious stone piles on the Helskloof Pass, and move into a river valley where amazing petroglyfs have been painted on huge slabs of granite rock, spilled like common litter next to the roadside. The group then find and photograph the Richtersveld’s remarkable plant, the Half-Men-Boom. To conclude the expedition, Greg takes them to an astonishing and yet unmapped meteorite crater. The location of this crater remains to this day, a closely guarded secret.

This episode is part of the TV season, Take a Deep Breath, first broadcast in 2009. HD videos are 720 format.


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