My Relationship with Land Rover

I have been a motoring journalist since 1993 when my first book was released in South Africa. I have since made it my profession and have written for several magazines in three countries and made hundreds of motoring TV shows. When I started doing this, I was admittedly very pro Land Rover, and it showed in my work. But I soon realised that to be so biased towards one car manufacturer was not only unacceptable, it wasn’t fair on my readers. But this wasn’t an easy thing to do. I loved Land Rovers. But as my experience grew, I began to love other 4x4s as well. I had my first taste of a Land Cruiser around 1997, Pajero in 1998, Mercedes G-Wagen in 1999. Because this helped be have a broader outlook on what was sold from showrooms, I began to see that my views of Land Rovers was not a result of analytical thinking, but blind brand loyalty. And with that, I started to look at my beloved brand with clear vision. They are and never were perfect. And neither was their marketing department who were the first 4WD maker to blacklist me because I had published something they didn’t like. Manufacturers do this around the world even today, and only the very rich and powerful publications that do not rely on ad spend, can avoid it and be completely honest in their reviews. But I was determined to stay neutral, to report my findings as I saw them, honest with everything. But I paid the price. This is that story.

Land Rovers in dust

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