When 4WD Touring Goes Wrong.

Two videos.
It’s always risky touring overland with people you don’t know, or have never travelled with before. I learnt the hard way, on two occasions. This first story happened in 1996 when researching a book. I had received a sponsored Toyota Hilux 2,7 petrol and funds from Toyota South Africa. In return they asked if they could send along a journalist to join me. I agreed. The journalist and his son drove a second Hilux. My co-driver was a TV cameraman who had approached me to make 4×4 videos with me, before I had done any myself. He later claimed that I should not have made any TV shows on the grounds that he had the idea first. Laugh as you might, I had to show him the SA TV clip (shown in this video) to get him to shut up.

But I digress. He drove dangerously so could not be a true co-driver (I wouldn’t let him) and he teamed up with the journo and created a front to disagree with everything I did or suggested. My expedition became their expedition, and eventually I called it off, four days before we had reached our intended destination. Not soon after returning home I suggested that we would not be working on any furture projects together. He disagreed with me, and insisted that I should look at it his way. I ended up yelling at him to go away and leave me alone.

These are two stories, one (this video) 1996 in Mozambique and the second (another video) in 1997 in northern South Africa. Both occurred during trips researching my 4WD Trails guidebook.

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two hiluxes
Mozambique 1995.

South Africa 1997.