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“I still think it’s the best television work I have ever done”. Andrew S White, 2015.

The season is a nostalgic look at what made an English boy fall in love with Africa. Andrew retraces his steps recalling the time when having been taken to the Okavango. This 66-day expedition begins with a solo trip through Namibia. Andrew is one of a very small group of TV adventures that is not backed up by a team of TV crew and their supporting entourage. Andrew truly goes it alone.
When he reaches the Kunene, the river dividing Namibia with Angola to its north, he meets a group of travellers waiting to take him into Angola. His quest is to find the source of the Okavango, in the highlands, and then to follow the river deep into the Okavango and to then watch as the water disappears into the desert, deep in the Kalahari.