Hyundai’s heavyweight has lost its place as one of the best value off-road station wagon available to the Toyota Fortuner. However, for the price of the average double-cab the Terracan is a comfortable and able city cruiser with acceptable (Only just because clearance is poor) off-road performance. Sure it’s not in the league of a Prado or even the Pathfinder, but at so much less money, this vehicle is still worth a look. It’s a much better vehicle than the Santa Fe and if the styling isn’t your taste, the layout may be. Front torsion bar independent suspension, rear solid axle on coils with gas shocks all round. The ride is good, in just about every sphere. It is a bit soft at the back and the front tends to nose-dive a little but the limited-slip rear diff helps a lot off-road. The 2,9-litre turbo-diesel is peppy and not thirsty. Alternatively the 3,5-litre V6 petrol engine is typical V6, producing its power at fairly high revs. It has low range gearing. When off-road it is sometimes nicknamed the ‘Terracan’t’ which is a little unfair.

hyundai terracan