Ordering your Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ79 d-cab 300. (We are taking orders in WA.)

This is an initiative between Autograph Overland and Multidrive Technology VIC. It’s where we make it easier to order this modified Land Cruiser VDJ79 300 from selected dealerships in Western Australia and hopefully, soon throughout Australia.

The prototype VDJ79-300 Autograph, with optional Norweld tray, being collected from Grand Toyota Wangara in Western Australia.

At the dealership: (list of dealers is below):

  1. The dealer will provide the order forms with all options, listed, with current prices.
  2. The dealer will also provide details of additional transport costs, terms and conditions, etc.
  3. The dealer will also provide information regarding deposits, agreements to be able to add these mods onto your order, and the options added to any finance deal applied for.
  4. This offer applies to new Land Cruiser VDJ79 dual-cab, workmate and GXL. It does not apply to any other Land Cruiser models at this time.

The process is as follows:

  1. Go into, or make a booking to see the designated salesperson at one of the Toyota dealership listed below, closest to you.
  2. Order your VDJ-79 300 using the additional order form to specify what you want.
  3. The vehicle must be purchased NEW and the mods done PRE REGO.
  4. You will sign the order form just like you would do, buying a stock Toyota off the showroom floor.
  5. The vehicle, whether already in Australia, or built to order, will be shipped directly to Geelong, where it will be delivered to the centre for modifications to be done. All modifications are done at one premises. Once completed, the dealer is notified.
  6. The dealer, using Toyota’s transport network, will collect the converted Land Cruiser, and truck or rail it to the dealership, where it will undergo the usual pre-delivery service and inspections etc.
  7. Your dealer will notify you. And you’ll take delivery.
  8. These modifications attract no additional on-road government charges.
  9. If you want to purchase a new Land Cruiser yourself, and arrange these modifications, then contact Multidrive Technologies directly.

Warrantees and FAQ

  1. When it comes to modified vehicles Toyota will continue to cover the vehicle, with the exclusion of parts affected by the modifications.
  2. Should there be an issue with any item fitted specifically as part of these modifications, the warrantee for these is held by Multi Drive Technologies of Geelong VIC, who carry out the modifications. All this information is disclosed in detail at your dealership.
  3. A tray has to be ordered from the dealer, fitted by Multidrive (options below). Standard Toyota trays DO NOT FIT, and cannot be made to fit.
  4. Delivery without a tray is only possible after consultation between the dealer and others involved.
  5. Fleet orders can be accepted.
  6. Can I order it from WA, and have it delivered in another state? Yes. However, the vehicle has to be collected in the same state in which it is ordered. You can do this, remotely, then have it trucked, or drive it yourself to your home state. In terms of engineering certification and licensing, it’s not complicated but there are a few additional steps.

In addition to the 300 mm chassis extension, the following options are available:

  • Rear axle width correction. The axle case is replaced. (recommended)
  • GVM upgrade to 3950 kgs (1540kgs front, 2500kgs rear). Suspension is replaced.  (recommended)
  • Fuel tank replacement. A 180L Brown Davis diesel tank replaces the factory 130L tank.
  • Additional sub tank 110L, in front of rear axle. Original tank remains unchanged. (recommended)
  • Norweld deluxe tray, with four side boxes (lockable), water tank and centre rear drawer (lockable).
  • Standard Multidrive alloy tray.

Toyota Dealerships and salespersons to contact:

This list is growing, and first orders can be taken now. If your state/region is not here, come back soon. We are rolling this out in WA, and hopefully will soon add more states to this list.

  • Western Australia. Perth area: Grand Toyota Wangara. Ask for Joanne Sharpe. 9403 9000

Price guide:

These are prices are an APPROXIMATE GUIDE ONLY, EX GST. It is vital that you verify these prices with your dealership, as they may have changed since this page was updated.

  • Chassis extension 300 mm. $6000
  • Rear axle width correction. Axle case is replaced. GVM 3950. $5000
  • Rear axle width correction. Tru-Tracker axle modification. GVM 3780. $4000
  • GVM upgrade to 3950 kgs (1540 kgs front, 2500 kgs rear). Suspension is replaced. $4000
  • Fuel tank replacement. A 180L Brown Davis diesel tank replaces the factory 130L tank. Additional 50L capacity. $1650
  • Additional Brown Davis sub tank 110L, in front of rear axle. Additional 110L capacity. $2450.
  • Norweld deluxe tray. $12 990.

NB. These are prices are a GUIDE ONLY.