This is my family. We are all madly creative. This pic was taken in 2013.


My wife Gwynn (next to me) is a New York Times, USA Today and WSJ bestselling author of fantasy novels.
Gwynn’s website is HERE
Gwynn’s Instagram is HERE

My eldest daughter Stephanie (with the horse) is a personal brand photographer of note, operating in Perth, Western Australia.
Stephanie’s website is HERE.

My middle daughter Erin (far right) is a fantasy author, co-writing with her mother. These titles have reached new York Times bestseller list too!
Erin’s website HERE
Erin’s Instagram is HERE

My youngest daughter Kate (second on the right) is a YouTuber like me, and many who watch my videos enjoy her participation in them. Kate is a professional social media specialist. 4xOverland is one of her clients.

Kate’s Instagram is HERE

In case you didn’t know, my links are here:

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