Own a 4×4 in Africa

Own your own safari-prepared 4×4 vehicle in South Africa – Fly in, get in and go.


We offer the following services:

  • Select and purchase a used or new vehicle in South Africa.
  • Build a 4×4 suitable for your specific overland travel needs.
  • Register your vehicle in your name in South Africa.
  • Maintain and store your vehicle, ready for whenever you need it.

Vehicle choices:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 76 wagon, 78 Troop-carrier, 79 pickup and double-cab. (new and used)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 80, 105, 100. (used)
  • Toyota Hilux. (new and used)
  • Land Rover Defender (new. Ends 1015)
  • Nissan Patrol (used)
  • Mercedes G-wagen (used, when available)
  • All vehicles are right-hand steering.
toyota land cruiser own a 4x4 in africa

Our showcase Land Cruiser 78 Troopy camper. Top of our range as a two-person overland camper


We offer a service to build a vehicle after discussing your needs and travel preferences. After that we can store it, and even prep it prior to your arrival each time you arrive to do a trip.

If you are interested, we begin with a face to face meeting or Skype call to find our what your needs are and suggest solutions.
This is charged at £80 per hour. Should you go ahead and we build a vehicle for you, this is refunded. We have learnt that enough prospective customers bend our ears for our combined 60 years of overland travel experience, and then build the vehicle themselves or go to a competitor. This meeting will give you lots to think about and will get you thinking in the right direction to make your dream a reality.

Our vehicle build program is unique. We are not a shop. We work the entire world’s 4×4 accessory industry and build vehicles based on client’s needs and are not hindered by franchises, brand names or other restrictions. We have the best accessories fitted by the best people. We outsource most but not all of the build work. But we personally oversee each and every component. No other company in South Africa offers this service.

If you want a pre-owned vehicle we will select one with expert hands. But we limit this to vehicles we know well. Then it gets converted for safari travel to very high standards, all with your needs in mind. We will list and discuss every part. Your vehicle will be practical and safe. We don’t fit items that we have not tested ourselves, even if they really appeal to our clients. Your vehicle will handle extremely well, even when fully loaded.

toyota land cruiser own a 4x4 in africa

Our client’s Toyota land Cruiser 105 station-wagon converted with all the amenities for relaxed overland cruising.