The Cayenne is a top challenger in the sports-suv category, combining good off-road ability, scintillating road performance and the Porsche badge it surely is the world’s most desirable SUV. Full-time four-wheel drive with a traction control, a centre diff lock, low range and a rear diff lock turns the Cayenne into what must be the ultimate manifestation of off-road sports sedan. Its variable air suspension (optional) provides a not under-generous brake-over angle and a wading depth of 500mm. The two most popular engine options are the ‘S’, a potent 250kw V8 or the ‘Turbo’, an unspeakably quick 331kW, V8-turbo. Both are coupled to a silky six-speed tiptronic gearbox. The off-road package includes a button to disable the ant-roll bars, releasing the wheels to reach down and up, over the obstacles.
Rarely have I been this miserable when parting with a test vehicle. If you are in the market for this kind of vehicle, even if it is an SUV without true off-road potential, like an X5 or similar, drive a Cayenne: It really stands apart.

My last word on the subject… why would any sane person buy a BMWX5 when for a similar price you could have a Cayenne? What boggles the mind even more… why would anyone buy an Audo Q7 you when you could have a Cayenne? Boggles the mind doesn’t begin to describe it!

porsche cayenne